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About us

FusyLabs as always supported the idea that everyone deserves the same financial opportunities. Therefore, our goal has been to make cryptocurrencies and their several advantages easier for beginners and enthusiasts to benefit from. Our platform offers online tools such as automated crypto-token creation, a wallet to help users trade and manage them, and a marketplace to list them.

We provide a set of APIs and SDKs for creating, launching, and monetizing NFT projects, helping entrepreneurs, and startups generate more revenue streams and accelerate business growth. With our open architecture, we want to help developers and projects save time and money, using our APIs that offer a complete solution.

Powerfull SDKs

To integrate decentralized technologies into your apps, backends, and games.

from Fusyona.nft import NFT

from pprint import pprint

sdk = Fusyona("polygon")

nftCollection = sdk.get_nft_collection("0x6Ab7f0b2258d674E995A990C7B3Bf0a332a59137")

nfts = nftCollection.get_all()


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using Fusyona.Dotnet.Sdk.Apis.NFT;

var coll = await NFT.GetNFTCollection("0x6Ab7f0b2258d674E995A990C7B3Bf0a332a59137");

var nfts = coll .GetAllNFTs();


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Get started with API keys and integration tools. You can start your project from your terminal by submitting API requests in test mode, and debug your integration.

POST /api/transactions

"id": "16833741-33a0-437c-9c82-368bed96b7f6",
"from": "562b5682-7861-49ac-ad60-074fe12ddac2",
"to": "7d334e64-d0d3-4941-be6c-f59facf781d6",
"currency": "ETH",
"amount": 0.35


To empower people through technology and innovation, enhancing their financial opportunities. To define, to defy. To give everyone the tools to pursue their dreams.